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Vittorio Rosato, Laurea degree in Physics (University of Pisa 1979), Ph.D. in Physics (University of Nancy 1986), has been working in the area of computational physics, particularly in atomistic modelling of materials. He has been working as Research Associate at the Chemistry Dept. of the University College of Wales in Aberystwyth (UK), as Boursier EURATOM at the Saclay (France) Research Centre of the Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA), as Boursier CNRS at the Centre de Calcule Atomique et Molecularie (CECAM) in Orsay (France). Since 1990 he is a staff scientist at ENEA. Since 2010, he is Laboratory Head at ENEA Casaccia Research Centre. He acts as scientific consultant for several Italian Ministries and Regions. He is Project Manager of several Italian-funded and EU-funded projects. Since 2005 he is co-founder and has acted as President of the Board of Directors of Ylichron S.r.l. up to 2012.


Roberta Gioia, Laurea degree in Economics and Business and International MBA (IE Business School, Madrid Spain), is expert in the technology transfer (TT) field with more than 20 years experience in the management of companies in the life science area and development of TT projects for academic institutions. She has managed several projects in the areas of fund raising, business development and growth strategy and has developed entrepreneurial activities within several Life Science companies. Prior to being the CEO of Genechron, she has been the CEO of Ylichron, an ENEA's spin-off engineering company, CFO of Lay Line Genomics SpA (Italy), the manager of the TT area at SGC and in the Corporate Governance Dep. at Banco di Sicilia - London Branch (UK).


Valentina Spedaletti has a Laurea degree cum laude in Biology and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Dr. Spedaletti has the necessary background for conducting advanced biotechnological research projects or to develope and standardise new services. Dr. Spedaletti was involved in all biotech activities of the Laboratory such as Next-generation and Sanger sequencing projects and the development of analysis methods using Realtime PCR-based assays employing SYBR-Green or TaqMan probes as fluorescent markers. In addition, her training has also included the acquisition of all skills required to operate at regulatory level, giving her the ability to write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to be responsible for the staff training on SOPs and to apply methods in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices. Dr. Spedaletti has also granted the Laboratory a relevant boost and a rapid take off on the Italian scenario.