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Research & Development director


• A MD degree with a further doctoral degree in a relevant medical area (preferred Medical genetics or Oncology) will constitute a preferential title.
• 5+ years of Research experience in Medical Genetics and other translational medical branches in the Industry sector, biotech or pharmaceutical companies, at progressively higher technical and managerial levels.

The Responsible of Research & Development, reporting to the CEO will:

• Plan, direct, lead, and control all Research activities for Genechron.
• Identify innovative research programs and projects that fit Genechron objectives.
• Execute research activities by implementing appropriate organization and resources, including external support (CROs/Academic Institutions).
• Lead research programs and projects in collaboration with the CEO, the Scientific Board and with the support of the Responsible of Laboratory Operations.
• In collaboration with the CEO and the patent consultants, support the filing of patent applications and the maintenance of patent protection of the technological results of research and development activities.
• Promote the Genechron vision of providing a rapid and robust road from research to diagnostics market, support the teamwork in a small, highly productive, start-up company.

Type of contract:

• Full-time

Business developer junior


• Master's Degree in Biology
• Any specialization or Masters in the field of Molecular Biology (or related areas) will constitute a preferential title.

The Business Developer, reporting to the Head of Medical Genetic Operations, will:

• Develop the company's business strategies by presenting the services to the Clinical Analysis Laboratories of Rome and Lazio’s areas.
• Present the services offer in terms of technologies and their results.

Type of contract:

• The position (initially at Fixed-Term) will include a fixed salary and a variable fraction commensurate with the objectives achieved.
• Car owner. Mileage reimbursement is expected.