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    From Research to Advanced Health Care Diagnostics

Genechron mirna DNA RNA biotech company specialized molecular diagnostics analysis molecular markers tissue biological samples human therapeutics

Genechron Biotech DNA RNA mirna company molecular diagnostics analysis molecular markers tissue biological samples health service diagnostics

mirnamoleculardiagnosticmolecular markersbiological sampleshealthservicediagnosticsnutrigeneticsclinical translationhuman therapeutics Genechron biotech company specialized molecular diagnostics analysis molecular markers tissue and biological samples services used health service diagnostics, preclinical clinical translation human therapeutics, nutrigenetics, veterinary applications Genechron S.r.l. biotechnological SME based Regione Lazio (Italy) focused both medical diagnostics (DNA sequencing services) development RNAmolecular assays analysis RNA-based biomarkers, clinical diagnostic applications. Genetic diagnostic home services offered Genechron dedicated mutational analysis genes involved susceptibility DNA RNA cancer development, onset hereditary diseases metabolic molecular diagnostics alterations wide range molecular biology applications customized laboratory services. Translational molecular markers tissue Clinical services based biomarker biological samples human therapeutics quantification focused diseases mirnarelated mirna Skeletal Muscle Cardiac Cardiovascular system Liver Additional R&D projects extending assays additional tissues. Genechron performs RNA based biomarkers analysis relative absolute quantification under non-GLP GLP regulatory standards following market molecular markers tissue segments Clinical centres, hospitals other primary care providers biotech wishing Genechron perform DNA RNA analysis patients mirna specific tissue related DNA RNA disease Companies performing clinical trials novel therapeutics, wishing obtain molecular diagnostics home biomarker biotech company information home provide evidence progress towards surrogate endpoints Companies entities biotech company performing late stage preclinical research, wishing obtain tissue molecular diagnostics biological samples human therapeutics specific DNA RNA measurements molecular markers tissue increase value their mirna innovations Animal health biotech companies, developing novel molecular diagnostics therapies for companion animal agricultural biotech application DNA Nutraceutical Genechron companies, wishing molecular markers tissue informed via molecular analysis impact biological samples human therapeutics dietary developments tissue functions Genechron company established in 2016 improve provide market impulsion to the biotechnological mirna activities nucleated within ENEA spin-off company Ylichron Srl. Ylichron Srl, established 2005, strong focus molecular diagnostics application of high performance computing (HPC) techniques Research Industrial fields. In 2009 the company biotech company entered biotechnological area, known particularly eager biotech computational services addition bioinformatic services, Ylichron started providing mirnaadvanced biotechnological services (DNA sequencing with Sanger NGS methods) molecular diagnostics biotechnological area significantly grown, Ylichron home decided spin molecular markers tissue out the biotechnological services by inserting (and valorizing) new company, Genechron Srl, entirely focussing biotechnologies, kept mirna originating company strong focus innovation. Genechron Srl acquired new shareholders Genechron home investment round which allowed ather company public private investors, Lazio Innova SpA, in-house company Regione Lazio devoted financial service mirna support industrial sectors Region, Venture Capital role Genechron Business Plan, planning biotech company considerable growth Medical Diagnostics area (company accredited act Diagnostic Centre genetic analysis Italian National Health Service), strongly focused discovery realization innovative assays RNA-based biomarkers quantification, both medical diagnostics pharmaceutical applications.

Genechron is a biotech company specialized in molecular diagnostics, in the analysis of molecular markers on tissues and biological samples.
Our services can be used for diagnostic purposes, for the transfer of human therapies from the preclinical to the clinical field, for analysis of nutrigenetics and for veterinary applications.
The company, established in 2016, subsequently received risk capital financing through the Lazio Region POR 1.3  Venture Capital Fund, through Lazio Innova Ltd.





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